December 28th trip to Atlanta.  Well Hank and I took off to see the Richmond's in Atlanta to close out 2004.  We were both sorta depressed that Kerry lost.  I had Hank trained right, that we didn't like George Bush, we liked George Washington, but then "Grandmuder" got ahold of him and explained that he liked his president.  I've gotta prevent that in the future but that's another website.  Atlanta was great fun.  Always something happening in Ackworth. 

Tucker and Layne were both game enough to tag along with two grumps and the kids to lend us a little coool.  We took off for Chattanooga the first day.  Trix didn't get us back home till 10 pm.
Two hours past when Hank a I usually turn in.
We rode the Incline train, ate real southern ribs, (they are the best I've had), hit Ruby Falls and got lost on Lookout Mountain.  After the above picture the security guard came over and explained to Tracey that noone is allowed to climb on the rocks and sign.  Tracey still got her pic.  The POWER of the clan cannot be denied!  Chattanooga is a beautiful town.  I could live there, (note to self: check out the politics). 
The next day I convinced Tracey that another excursion was not necessary, that sitting around and watching a real family in action was a big deal to us so we hit the Publix, played on Tuck's new Xbox, and tormented Trudy and jumped on the tramp.  The day was broken up by the occassional little boy running in complaining that the other little boy wasn't sharing/playing right.  Great stuff to an old roustabout/roofer.  The last day we hit Kennesaw and it was back to Houston where Hank plays and I sleep, and then we trade.  Thanks to the Richmond's for inviting us down, we'll be baaacckk.
School started back the next Tuesday, that Thursday, the 6th, Hank comes running out with a proud smile and shoves this drawing in my hands.  "Its Keesaw Mountain, with Ruby Falls, the train, and Atlanta".  sigh...what an artist.  Love to all.  Kerry

after-aftermath: another drawing done 1/18 thats 20 days since the trip. sigh... what a memory. If you look real close you can make out the cave they discovered while climbing the rocks at Kennesaw.