The Spring Kelleys went to visit the Chicago Kelleys this Febuary.  It  was truly a winter wonderland.
The weather was great.  Snow all around, 
very little wind, and temperatures in the 30's. 
  We spent Thursday afternoon and Friday morning on the "baby-hill" and then Mason took us to the "big-boys" hill Friday after school.
We built a snowman, Lane crafted an Arc de Triomphe, and I got to see what shoveling snow was all about.

Because of the shoveling,  I was sore till Tuesday, and fell asleep during "The Medicine Man", preventing Lane and Charlene from hearing the movie because of my snoring.  Lane and I snowboarded, Mason laughed. 

 Hank  loved  Four, who he called Fork, and didn't want to leave. He showed up at daycare with pictures to show everybody, pictures that I got back thoroughly mangled. 

Thanks to all the Kelley's for a good  time
 and especially Sydney who watched Hank Saturday morning while Lane and I went to a geriatric gig and Charlene and Mason went to sign up for baseball.   

Good luck to Mason with his basketball team,  and to Sydney with her Phantom Band, ps to Sydney learn Rocky. 

Sayonara kdk.
Click on pic to view a larger size.  Music to read by provided by Creedence.